Orchestra di Fiati del Veneto - Music repertoire

The Orchestra dei Fiati del Veneto stands out for its varied and distinctive repertoire.
The orchestra approaches several music genres through a  careful selection of pieces with the objective of providing the audience with an enriching artistic experience blending  musical culture and entertainment.

The orchestra has an extensive repertoire including

  • Original music for wind instruments orchestra by contemporary composers like Van deer Roost, Waignein, De Meij, Reed, Jan de Haan and Copland, a wide range of pieces with a special appeal to the public.

  • Transcriptions of the classic repertoire from the Baroque period (Bach, Haendel, Pachelbel) to the great symphonies (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini), ending with the celebrated European composers of the XIX and XX century  (Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Holst).

  • Opera music performed integrating  professional opera singers into the orchestra, including the most famous arias  by immensely popular composers like Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Bellini and  others.

  • Film music by acclaimed international composers like Morricone, Rota, Williams, Lloyd, Weber and Jones, a contemporary, captivating music genre which is always highly appreciated by the public.

  • The orchestra, in ‘Big Band’ formation, also performs pieces from the Afro-American tradition (jazz, spirituals, blues, ragtime, swing) based on re-arrangements of popular composers like Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, George Gershwin and many others.

  • Lastly, the portfolio “New music – Ancient traditions” is the orchestra’s suggestion to go back to pieces which have been neglected for a long time but that nevertheless are extremely vital and always well received on the occasion of celebrations, anniversaries and festivities.
Parallelamente all'attivitŕ concertistica dell'Orchestra, notevole rilievo occupa l'Accademia Filarmonica, primaria Scuola di Musica ove si insegnano tutti gli strumenti a fiato e a percussione oltre a chitarra, fisarmonica, pianoforte, tastiera elettronica e canto lirico.
Il tutto per amatori e appassionati o in preparazione agli esami conservatoriali.
In questi anni sono passati per la nostra scuola circa 800 allievi, molti dei quali frequentano il Conservatorio, altri hanno abbracciato la carriera di musicista professionista.

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